Sweet & Simple Lead Tracking

for Freelancers & Small Businesses.

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Track Leads, Close Deals.

What is Nectar?

Nectar is a sweet & simple lead tracking system built to help freelancers and small businesses track their leads and close more deals. It enables you to organize, track and automate your prospects so you can push them through your pipeline.

The Problem.

It’s easy to let leads fall through the cracks. Without the time, money or expertise to invest in a cumbersome & confusing CRM, you end up putting leads in excel where they are ignored, forgotten or lost in the clutter.

The Solution.

Never miss an opportunity again. With Nectar, you’ll always know where your leads stand. We’ll even send you reminders to make sure you never forget, misplace or ignore another lead again. Simple, easy and oh so sweet.

We are currently in open beta which means everything is unlimited and free.

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Simple. Easy. Useful.



Setup lead automation in Nectar and we’ll grab new leads coming in from your website and put them directly in Nectar. It’s simple, easy and automated. Very sweet.



Never forget to follow-up with another lead again. We’ll send you automated email reminders to make sure you stay on top of your leads and get them pushed through your pipeline.


Weekly Email

Each week we’ll email you a quick snapshot of your account which includes weekly analytics and recent activity. Stay up-to-date on all of your leads and prospects without leaving your inbox.



Collaborating with your team is now easier than ever with Nectar’s cloud-based dashboard. You can share, manage and track all of your leads with anyone on your team.



Always know how many leads you have, where they’re at in your pipeline and how many you’ve won or lost. With Nectar, you’ll always know where things stand.



Need to look back at an old lead? No problem. With Nectar you can explore all of your old leads – won or lost. We’ll keep everything neat, tidy and stored securely for you.